Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Centre is one of the crucial basic stones of Ankara as an opening gate to the world, structured to meet the customized needs by its infrastructure usage area of 80.000 m2
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Congresium Ankara
ATO International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Söğütözü Caddesi No:1/A, 06510 Çankaya, Ankara/TURKEY
Phone: 90 (312) 285 0 385
About Congresium

Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Centre is one of the crucial basic stones of Ankara as an opening gate to the world, structured to meet the customized needs by its infrastructure and usage area of  80.000 m². Exhibition hall area of 10.000 m² at total is making our Centre to be the most appropriate choice for international exhibitions. 

Magnificent and colossal are the two key terms for exhibition hall area and both take place at Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Centre:

  •      2 Dividable halls of total 5.770 m²
  •      Dividable Ball Room of 1.500 m²
  •      2 Lounges of 400 m2 each
  •      5 Small meeting rooms of 50 m² each
  •      5 Meeting rooms of 100 m² each
  •      3 Dining facilities
  •      Panoramic Roof of 4.700 m² with Ankara view, enabling various activities
  •      Another terrace of 650 m² with Ankara view
  •      An auditorium of world standards with a capacity of 3.107 people
Gordion Auditorium

Push the limits…

The Gordion Auditorium which is going to attract your guests with its atmosphere has been designed to offer knowledge, dynamism and entertainment all together.

Being on the 4th rank in Europe with its capacity, technological substructure and visual aesthetics our hall has been designed to allow two-way carrying decoration and loads with the double elevator system.

You can peak your productivity up in your institutional activities or offer unique visual feast to your guests in the performance shows.

With maximum comfort, senior service and high quality standards The Gordion Auditorium waits for you, well-beloved guests.



Atrium, the gateway to world of activity...

Having designed with hallways and panoramic elevators providing easily reach to all the floors and halls, your organizations will make difference from the first step.

Fair and Exhibition Areas

Just imagine...

Our halls, designed as satisfy the expectations at the highest level with unobstructed field of vision that will adapt your all plans, will turn your activities into excellent meeting point.

Our professional team that pays attention to all details extraordinarily, will stand to you with solution proposals and creative alternates beginning with project step of your activity.


The place where your activities come into being…

No matter what your organization’s scale or scope is; in our multi-purposed meeting and congress halls where the technology come together the elegant architectural style, you will reach your aims.

Angora Hall

Meeting, Congress or Feast Activities…

You can use Angora Hall as a single hall which has 1500 square meter wideness and 8 meters roof pitch with its lack of designed pillar or for different activities dividing the hall 500 square meters into 3 parts can convert your organization into activity mosaic.


A namable beginning for a new life..

Our wedding planning experts, who are always with you at every stage on your life to make real your dreams, are going to equip with perfect memories in your happiest day.

While you are in city, you can welcome your guests with the scenery of Ankara at the terrace, which is located in 5000 square meters fairway that you can overtake city's confusion, with all energy of green in summer or in winter, you can turn your invitations to a magnificent feast in our 1500 square meters ballroom, which is designed with high technology equipments, that you can reverberate your style.

"Congresium Wedding" will be the last stop in your tough quest with very special decoration and orchestra options, saloon alternatives which can present different concepts, its prosperous menu and elegant presentations for boutique weddings.

Angora Ballroom

Angora ballroom, which has had 1500 square meters, 8 meters roof height, has hosted 1200 guests at your dinner parties, almost 2200 guests at your cocktail parties.

Ankyra Ballroom

It is located in 550 square meters area that we can serve almost 450 people at your cocktail parties, almost 250 people at your dinner parties.

Grand Terrace

With sweeping Ankara landscape, Grand Terrace, which is located in 5000 square meters fairway, has hosted almost 2200 people at your outdoor invitations, dinner layout, almost 4000 people at your cocktail parties.

Small Terrace

Small Terrace, which you can host almost 400 guests at cocktail layout, 250 guests at dinner layout, is located in 450 square meters townscape fairway.


The world brand GL events, proceeding to expand with incorporating also Congresium of Ankara International Convention and Exhibition Centre to its structure in 2011 and running business administration of several area of activities in 20 countries, has generated ‘Food&Catering Turkey’  integrating with the high level of service quality, food production and its own knowledge in the service.

GL events Food&Catering Turkey, which has adequate quality so as to provide high level service from 10 people to 10.000 people and all required equipment and experimentation, makes your invitations into a feast of taste through an impeccable service concept. GL events  Food&Catering having a great success of most organizations that the centre of those events occurs in Ankara, will be always ready and waiting for your call with its experienced staff and will make a great difference to your parties no matter where you are in Turkey you are.

GL events Food&Catering has been developing and it becomes strong with the customers who figure out the major difference made in services and offers and  with the opulent Banquet Service, Set Menu, Cocktail, Cocktail Prolonge, Coffee Break, StantCatering menus rendered a service as part of Congress-Seminar-Meeting Organizations, Engagement and Wedding Dinners, Cocktail and Receptions, Special Entertainments, Activity Services, Fair Organizations.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Our company, which is based on human being as its priority and which performs all works with this vision, carries one step further all the responsibilities required by food production. According to us, quality production is provided by materials selection. We choose all valuable crops made by Mother Nature conscientiously and carefully, we associate the quality concept with the happiness of having served and completed our task in the best way. By virtue of our mission and vision, we choose our all ingredients from recycled materials purifying to the nature.

Vesperna Restaurant

Make your visitors feel the comfort and hospitality outside of the event hours too. Our two-floored, garden viewed restaurants with their own service cores and separate entrances are able to serve both within the restaurant and VIP rooms make your guests feel special.

Gl Events

As an integrated Group in the events business, GL events is developing across three big events markets: trade fairs / exhibitions for professionals or the general public - congresses and conventions - cultural, sporting and political events. The group works for a large number of institutional and private clients in France and abroad, priding itself on achieving its clients’ ambitions and objectives. With a presence on 5 continents and 20 countries, GL events has more than 4.000 employees, and had 942,4 million euros in turnover in 2015.

GL events Live

Full range of business lines and services for corporate, institutional and sports events. From consulting services and design to producing the event itself, GL events Live teams are capable of proposing turnkey event solutions to major worldwide event customers. 

GL events Exhibitions

Management and coordination of the Group’s 250 proprietary trade fairs, promoting the duplication of events, innovation and operating synergies between the Group’s other business lines.

GL events Venues

Operations for the current network that includes 40 event venues in France and abroad (Convention centres, Exhibition parks, Auditoriums and Multi-purpose halls): in Lyon – Paris - Toulouse - Clermont-Ferrand – Curitiba - Saint-Étienne – Vannes – Metz – Troyes - Nice – Amiens - Oran - Barcelona – Budapest – London – Padua - Rio de Janeiro – Shanghai – Turin – Ankara – Istanbul.


Söğütözü Caddesi No:1/A, 06510 Çankaya, ANKARA / TURKEY

P: 90 (312) 285 0 385

F: 90 (312) 285 0 057